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About Us

Walking Tree Zen is Zen Buddhist temple and a community of people who meet to practice zen in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. We meet every week to practice zazen (zen meditation). A typical weekly practice includes two 25-minute periods of zazen (sitting still), a short bit of chanting, and sometimes a dharma talk.

In addition to our weekly practice on Monday nights we also host a monthly day of zazen practice from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on the last Saturday of each month.


Zen practice opportunities at Walking Tree Zen also include individual study with a zen teacher, weekend and weeklong meditation retreats, traditional Zen Buddhist liturgy, social gatherings and volunteer service to others in our community. 


We welcome anyone to attend at any time.

We are affiliated with Treetop Zen Center in Oakland, Maine, and the White Plum Asangha. We adhere to the Code of Ethical Conduct as practiced by the White Plum Asangha.

Our Teacher

Our founding teacher is Todd Hotai Watson, Sensei. Hotai Sensei is a Zen Buddhist priest and lineage holder in the White Plum lineage of Soto Zen.


He received dharma transmission from Roshi Peter Seishin Wohl in 2016. He has practiced zen for twenty-seven years. In addition to leading the New Hampshire sangha he is also a teacher at Treetop Zen Center in Oakland, Maine.


Hotai lives in rural New Hampshire with his family and a menagerie of two dozen animals.

Todd Watson, Zen Buddhist priest and teacher, Walking Tree Zen Buddhist temple, New Hampshire
Members of the Walking Tree Zen buddhist center in New Hampshire
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